Trade and Commerce

Business entities deal with international trade and commercial law issues in their day-to-day business transactions. It is essential to find the best solution for the proper operation of any organisation, be it as startup or major multinational corporation. We provide professional legal advice on a variety of issues related to legal protection, for example launching a new product or brand on the market, setting up logistics and distribution networks or resolving consumer claims. We also help businesses navigate the increasingly complex and constantly evolving regulatory environment.

PRK is a leader in Central Europe in the field of international trade and commercial law. Our team provides legal advice in all key practice areas, including the following:

  • Agency and distribution
  • Franchising
  • Logistics, transport, forwarding, warehousing services
  • Consumer protection
  • Technical requirements for products, product labelling, regulatory issues
  • Product safety and recalls
  • Purchasing, sales, manufacturing, maintenance, support
  • Export and import controls, sanctions, trade compliance
  • Dual-use goods and military trading
  • FTO analysis

A strong legal team on your side


We provided full legal services to Philip Morris International in relation to the introduction of a new category of tobacco product – the IQOS device – and post-launch matters on the Czech and Slovak markets.


We helped prepare the Czech version of Incoterms 2020 under the auspices of National Committee of International Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic.

We advised Marks & Spencer on including their products in a Czech home delivery service.

We have advised various clients on consumer protection law, including distance and online contracts, liability for defects, warranties and product recalls.

We advised SCS Software on a wide range of contractual and commercial issues, including distribution agreements and IT system procurement.