Life Sciences
& Healthcare

The life sciences and healthcare industry is growing across Central and Eastern Europe. Indeed, the region is poised to become a major centre of healthcare research and manufacturing in the coming years. Many universities conduct cutting-edge life sciences research and there has been a significant increase in companies manufacturing drugs and other healthcare materials in the region. This creates significant opportunities for companies and investors in the region and beyond.

Our experts advise clients on all phases of their projects, from R&D to manufacturing and sales. We can offer help on a wide range of legal issues, including intellectual property and data protection, compliance and enforcement, litigation, transactions and public procurement. We can also help companies navigate the strict regulations governing the industry and advise them on antitrust and competition issues.


Long-term representation of VERMONT s.r.o. during the development of a specialized medical facility in Zábřeh - Alzheimer's center with a capacity of 450 beds built in 2017-18, and its lease to the operator. In November and December 2021, we assisted the client in transferring the lease and negotiating with the current long-term tenant Alzheimercentrum from the Creditas Group in change of control and takeover of the facility by Penta Hospitals, a major provider of health and social services in the Czech Republic. The key issues in this transaction were guarantees and maintaining the terms of the lease. The facility in Zábřeh is one of the large providers of care for clients suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia.

In partnership with US law firm Davis Polk, we advised the pharmaceutical company Affimed Therapeutics during its IPO on NASDAQ, valued at approximately USD 60 million, and its SPO, valued at USD 35 million.

We provide ongoing advice to a pharmaceutical services and drug development company that operates in over 50 countries in connection with agreements for conducting clinical trials. Our work is focused on compliance of the clinical trial setup with Czech and EU regulatory requirements, and on data protection issues.

We advised a private company on developing a strategic project for cannabis and cannabinoid treatment, particularly with regard to GDPR compliance and regulatory matters such as the selling of medicinal cannabis online.

We provide ongoing legal services to a private company developing a strategic project in the area of cannabis and cannabinoid treatment. Our services cover corporate law, IP law, and structuring and drafting contracts with universities, non-profit organisations, for-profit organisations, government research institutions and hi-tech companies.