Kristyna Faltynkova


Kristyna Faltynkova is an attorney at law specializing in real estate law, procedural law, energy law, administrative law and general contract law. She actively provides legal advice on lease relationships, development projects, property co-ownership including housing co-ownership, and she represents clients in court proceedings.

A graduate from the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno, Kristýna joined PRK Partners as an associate in 2012, and in 2014 she became an attorney at law. In 2015 she obtained her doctorate (JUDr.) degree in administrative law; the topic of her rigorous thesis was the concept of authorized inspectors. Before joining PRK Partners she worked for major Czech and international law firms.

Kristyna provides comprehensive legal advice on development-related matters, i.e. in light of private law regulations on contracts for work, liability for defects in project documentation or copyrights to project documentation, as well as in terms of administrative law, particularly building permit proceedings and special administrative regulations.

She is experienced in representing clients in proceedings before state administration authorities in relation to new development projects and changes in existing constructions, including appellate proceedings, both from the side of building owners as well as from affected persons. Kristýna also represents clients in proceedings before administrative courts and in court proceedings related to contracts for work.

Her experience ranges from preparing model lease agreements, negotiating lease agreements for specific lessees (on the side of both lessors and lessees), handling all issues relating to existing lease relationships and the administration of business centres and office buildings, lease terminations and resolutions of disputes arising from lease agreements.

Kristyna is experienced in representing clients in business relationship disputes, particularly in disputes over rights resulting from contracts for work and lease agreements, as well as in company in-house disputes. She concurrently represents clients in administrative proceedings and in proceedings before administrative courts.

She is a member of the Czech Bar Association. Fluent in Czech and English, Kristýna also has a basic knowledge of Russian.


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