PRK will co-partner with Ukrainian innovative company to compete for funding from EU

PRK Partners has initiated a proposal for a project for forward-looking open online environment for resolving dissatisfactions across various sectors (healthcare, finance, car industry etc.). The main goal of this project is to design and develop new type of online platforms, capable of providing and accessing artificial intelligence (AI) services for people assisting them to resolve their issues.

PRK Partners team headed by Zbynek Loebl, who is initiator of the Open ODR concept in cooperation with Ukrainian lawyer Tetiana Kravchenko, conducted research for finding the appropriate Ukrainian partner from more than 350 IT companies on Ukrainian market.

Finally we selected a firm IT Delight which specializes in designing and consulting about Magento implementations which fit very well with the envisaged EU project. IT Delight will complement a consortium of firms and academic institutions from Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands and Ukraine. If our proposal is successful, our Ukrainian partner will have the same access to EU funding as the EU member states.

We are also happy to announce cooperation with reputable Ukrainian law professor from Taras Shevchenko national university of Kyiv, who’s specialized in e-justice and online courts and has a number of scientific publications in that field.