PRK Partners contributed the International Comparative Legal Guide - Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2022

PRK Partnersdispute resolution team led by Robert Nemec is the exclusive contributor for the Czech Republic to the 2022 International Comparative Legal Guide on the Enforcement of Foreign Judgments, which features in-depth analysis of laws and regulations across numerous jurisdictions as well as exploring enforcement under English common law, strategies for international enforcement and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments within the European Union. The publication provides a comprehensive overview of current issues affecting the enforcement of foreign judgments, in particular from the perspective of multi-jurisdictional disputes.

The chapter we prepared provides guidance on laws and regulations concerning the enforcement of foreign judgments in the Czech Republic and may be useful for anyone considering enforcement of a foreign judgment. The overview is intended as a preliminary guide, which can inform a party's steps and actions when asserting their rights in domestic or foreign courts. Along with the Czech Republic, the guide also covers numerous other jurisdictions, including England and Wales, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, China, Canada, Cyprus, Switzerland, Mexico or the USA.

 International Comparative Legal Guide on Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2022

The online version of the entire publication is available at  ICLG Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2022