Real Estate
& Construction

PRK is well established in the real-estate and construction sector. Our real estate team, comprised of over 30 practitioners, regularly helps major developers, landlords and banks. We benefit from being a local firm that understands the regulations affecting the industry in our region.

We believe in working with our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of real-estate projects. This commitment delivers results. We advise on matters relating to development, land use and permissions, commercial leasing and asset management, infrastructure, construction, environmental regulations, financing and sale. Our industry knowledge in real estate extends beyond our dedicated real estate lawyers to the experts in our Finance department, who can help with securing project and development financing.


We represented an Austrian Company in connection with the initial phase of the planned construction of two new plants in Chrudim and Vamberk in the Czech Republic, creating 200 new job opportunities.

We advised development and engineering company EBM Partners a.s. on setting up a debt issuance programme for up to CZK 1 billion in unsecured notes.

We represent a leading construction company in the energy sector on an ongoing basis in three interconnected disputes relating to a contract with a subcontractor. The work was part of a project in the energy sector worth CZK 16 billion (approximately EUR 625 million).

We represent a leading property developer in the Czech Republic on an ongoing basis in various disputes relating to construction and the contesting of claims in insolvency proceedings as creditor.

We represented a Danish investor in a number of disputes regarding the ownership title to a commercial real estate. The claims ended before the Czech Constitutional Court and were decidd in favour of our client.