Online Courts Comparative Study (2022)

PRK Partners initiated and led the preparation for an international comparative study on the development of online courts. Legal experts from a number of countries participated, including several Lex Mundi law firms. The study was also a research project by our intern student-researcher from Barcelona, Mr. Antonio Garrido Reus. Masaryk University in Brno also participated in the preparation of the study.

Given the transformation that technology has brought about over the past few years in almost every area of our society, it has become increasingly important to ask ourselves why we do not use technology to improve our justice system. After some countries took on the challenge, they started to prepare and implement changes in the judiciary, and the topics “Online Courts” (“OC”) and “Online Dispute Resolution” (“ODR”) are becoming more popular in the public debate. In this study, we try to give an image of the current situation of this transformation of justice in several countries around the Eurasian continent. Once you read it, you will have some familiarity with the level of digitization of the justice system in all the participating countries in this study, as well as their most popular strategies to approach this topic, their ongoing projects, if they have education on ODR in universities and in the judiciary, and finally their level of the support of innovation in each country.