Covid Crisis Management – Transitioning to the online environment

The world has been talking for years about shifting various aspects of our daily lives, including business, to the digital world. While many businesses, in particular clothing retailers, restaurants and grocers, have already gone online over the past few years, many companies still run their businesses out of brick-and-mortar premises. But the introduction of measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus has accelerated this process, and many companies are now struggling to quickly set up their businesses and internal processes to carry out work from the comfort of home.

We are now seeing increased interest from our clients in how to properly utilize online technologies to conduct day-to-day matters in order to adapt their business activities to the current situation. Overnight, they have become obliged to run a large part of their business from home – with products and services being sold mostly through their own online stores or shared platforms and marketing activities shifting almost exclusively online. While this opens up new opportunities for companies to grow and expand their business, it also brings many challenges.

Just like you, we on the PRK Partners ICT team, are not afraid of these new challenges. We are ready to assist you with your move to the online world – be it consulting on e-commerce, innovative and shared services, fintech, big data – as well as with personal data protection, electronic communication, cyber security, IP protection of online content or innovative solutions in many other areas.

We would also like to inform you that PRK Partners been working closely with the Wolters Kluwer publishing house on its “Vzorné právo” (Model Law) project ( The project consists of a variety of automated templates and applications, which have been prepared by our legal professionals. With these templates you can prepare your own documents in a user-friendly environment.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask your usual PRK Partners contact, or ask our ICT specialists.

Michal Matejka

Zbynek Loebl


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