PRK Partners supported the publication of a book on the history of Škoda car advertising

At the beginning of June, an interesting new publication by Martin Kupec entitled "Škoda - Cars on Posters and Brochures, 1945-2022" was published. It was compiled from the author's collections of historical posters and brochures of the most famous Czech car brand of all time. The book is being published in the edition of 2,000 copies and the price is CZK 590 (420 pages, format 26x21 cm). It was designed by Milesoft Design studio and published by Moto Public, a well-known publisher of publications about Škoda cars.

The book has been divided in 20 chapters to make it well-arranged and to provide additional text. "I have also worked with the Škoda Auto Archive/Škoda Museum, where I have consulted the pictures and text with the colleagues from their archives," says Martin Kupec.

What can the readers look forward to in the book? Several books have already been published on the development, production or history of individual Škoda car types. However, a book that has not been published before, with the sole exception of more than 16 years ago, is a book showing the development of advertising, promotion and graphics depicted on Škoda posters and brochures. The interesting formats, methods of visualisation, attractive motifs and creativity of the advertisers in the domestic and foreign markets from 1945 to the present day are what makes the book very engaging for the readers, be that Škoda fans or automotive history buffs.

In addition to ŠKODA AUTO a.s., several other partners have supported the publication of this unique monograph, including PRK Partners, a law firm that has been providing services to the carmaker for many years. All this support made it possible to reduce the final price of the book for anyone interested. You can order your copy of the book on the following portals: or at:, or you can also purchase it at the ŠKODA Museum in Mladá Boleslav.

On the occasion of the book's publication, an exhibition with the same name is being held at the Milevsky Museum in South Bohemia from 28 May 2022 until 4 September 2022.