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Issuance of Securities

PRK Partners maintains a leading position in legal advisory in issues of securities. The team of experts at PRK Partners is renowned for its expertise and effectiveness and is regularly invited to advise on the majority of bond and promissory note programs and share issues. In the past, PRK Partners has represented issuers as well as subscribers or arrangers. PRK Partners gained experience in the placement of issued securities on domestic and foreign capital markets, whether in the form of a public offering, syndicated subscription by financial investors, or addressing individual investors.

Aside from transaction work, PRK Partners is often consulted by professional financial institutions or regulators. PRK Partners is also often engaged in the preparation of legal regulations. Martin Aschenbrenner is a member of the appellate panel of the Czech National Bank.

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Collective Investment and Asset Management

PRK Partners represents domestic and foreign undertakings for collective investment in relation to their activities in the Czech Republic. PRK Partners applies its experience in the area of licensing and compliance, as well as in preparation of model documentation, including contracts. Separately, PRK Partners also cooperates in elaborating, offering and promoting collective investment products.

Our clients require products tailored to their specific needs and PRK Partners is able to provide corresponding domestic or foreign structure, reflecting the desired legal and tax regime.

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Securities Dealers

Institutionalized securities dealers are subject to a rising number of complex requirements governing their activities, from maintaining confidentiality and handling client instructions, to the area of sales techniques and marketing rules. PRK Partners offers advice to professional service providers in the full range of their activities, including capital adequacy, trading rules, dealing with clients, internal control, and relations with the regulatory authority. PRK Partners relies on the expertise of its top professionals in preparing model documentation and resolving disputes of securities dealers with their clients or regulatory authorities.

PRK Partners regularly advises foreign securities dealers in respect of their business activities in the Czech Republic.

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Financial and Commodity Markets, Financial Instruments

PRK Partners regularly provides legal services to organizers and members of securities and commodity exchanges. The professionals at PRK Partners have vast experience with trading on financial markets, settlement of transactions and borrowings of securities. Due to its professional recognition, PRK Partners is often called upon to assist in the preparation of legal regulations.

Aside from standardized products traded on markets, PRK Partners is also active in transactions with non-stock market instruments including derivatives.

PRK Partners became the first member of ISDA in the Czech Republic.

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