Разрешение споров

The vast majority of business entities enter business relations with the view of their successful realization. In the light of the foregoing, PRK Partners at all times advises its clients on complex solutions of their legal relations and strives to eliminate the risk of disputes. For various reasons, this is not at all times possible. In such a case, there is no other option but to resolve the newly arisen situation, whether it be a legally complex international dispute, or a simple minor local dispute.

When representing our clients, the attorneys of PRK Partners firstly prefer negotiation or mediation in order to minimize risks and to resolve disputes effectively, time-wise and cost-wise. If this approach does not achieve the client's goals or is otherwise not appropriate or successful, PRK Partners will offer fast and vigorous, solutions to resolve the dispute in a cost-effective manner, either in court or in arbitration proceedings.

The key in ensuring top quality legal services and success in the dispute is specialization. The attorneys of PRK Partners are true specialists in their field. In addition, thanks to an interdisciplinary approach, they are capable to provide legal advice and to represent clients in a wide range of disputes. Their capabilities in this respect were praised in the 2009 issue of Chambers Europe: The lawyers “are particularly impressive in arbitration and regulatory matters,” and they “always look for solutions that avoid lengthy court cases.”

Notable Experience

  • Represented a large airport operator in a CZK 300 million dispute with its former auditors and tax advisors.
  • Represented a major pharmaceutical company in a court dispute with a former member of management, who had been dismissed for unethical behaviour.
  • Served as counsel to a regional TV broadcaster in proceedings against a major telecom operator in a dispute resulting from the misuse of a trademark
  • Represented a telecom provider in litigation regarding a claim for damages because of unfair competition.
  • Advised an international mobile phone operator in a major law suit involving competition law issues.
  • Represented a Czech industrial client and its companies in a multi-party arbitration case where the amount of the dispute totalled approximately CZK 4 billion.
  • Successfully represented a Czech mineral water company in the administrative proceedings concerning the removal of buildings on its water source.

Членство в международных альянсах