PRK Partners agrees exclusive legal cooperation deal with Gřivna & Šmerda

Cooperation between two leading law firms has opened the door to the provision of unique and comprehensive know-how in private, administrative and criminal law for companies and entrepreneurs. In this way, the two firms have responded to the increasing demand for turn-key solutions to legal relationships and legal risks for companies and their business. Increased demand for these kinds of legal services has been triggered especially by recent trends over the last few years, such as growing regulation, including the introduction of criminal liability of legal entities and requirements for corporate compliance programmes.

PRK Partners is a leading Czech- and Slovak-based law firm. In recognition of its achievements, PRK Partners has been honoured with numerous prestigious local and international awards. For more than 25 years, it has provided full-service business and law advisory services to major domestic and international corporations and entrepreneurs. Gřivna & Šmerda is a top-tier law firm with outstanding expertise in criminal law, including criminal liability of legal entities. Its team of experienced attorneys are available 24 hours a day to provide advice to legal entities and individuals on any issues related to criminal law and investigative or prosecuting adjudicating bodies.

Under this cooperation both legal teams will be prepared and willing to satisfy all the requirements and needs of clients across civil, business, administrative and criminal law by offering practical and systematic solutions while maintaining the maximum possible practical and theoretical levels of legal services. The legal experts will combine their mutual knowledge to, among other things, support corporate compliance programmes and services, which have become of great importance in the last years, in connection with criminal-law prosecutions as well as with the recently strengthened regulation on personal data protection.  

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