Russian desk

At PRK Partners, we understand the growing business opportunities in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the broader Eastern European and Middle Asian area. That’s why we have a dedicated, dynamic and growing Russian Desk at our firm.  The Russian Desk team is made up of native Russian speakers and specializes in dealing with cross-border projects in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other states in the region. We have a long history of success in these matters, and our continued commitment to this area reflects the growing ties that are being fostered between the business communities in the Czech Republic, Russia and other states across Eastern Europe and Middle Asia.

We’ve advised on a wide range of deals for corporations based in Russia and the CIS and for businesses in the Czech Republic and elsewhere that have expanded, or that plan to expand, into the CIS region. We have close links to major national law firms operating in Russia and other CIS countries, and so we cooperate with them when the situation requires it. We can facilitate transactions in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia and elsewhere.

Our five lawyer team, led by partner Jan Kohout, has extensive knowledge of the specifics involved in cross-border transactions and an in-depth understanding of the different legal systems in these jurisdictions. Our team has the capacity to help companies with even the most complex investment projects and transactions. When required, we can call on as many as 12 Russian-speaking attorneys from different practice areas to meet the needs of any client.

Our Russian Desk, apart from advising clients on any and all transactions, can prepare legal documentation in Russian, translate documents from Russian to Czech or English and vice versa, and provide general and specific information on the legal nuances present in the different states in the region.

Clients benefit from using the Russian Desk at PRK Partners because we offer services in native Russian. This saves our clients the time and money needed to translate correspondence, contracts and other documents, and virtually eliminates the risk of there being any misunderstandings.

In addition, we regularly offer seminars and information packages on the legal ins and outs of doing business in Russia, Belarus and other states in the CIS and Middle Asian region. Simply put, PRK Partners’ unique positioning, size and expertise allows us to provide value-added service to any client in this area.