The water industry, including the provision of drinking water, wastewater services and sewage treatment, is a vital sector in our region, as in all others. Yet the organisation of the water industry in Central-Eastern Europe is somewhat unique. In the Czech Republic, for instance, the water industry is not a publicly managed service, but rather a highly-regulated private sector. Elsewhere in our region, water services are provided by state, municipal and jointly-owned companies. The attorneys at PRK Partners understand the nuances of the industry within our region, and know where opportunities for growth lie. We are well recognised for our prowess in advising on issues involving financing, project development, infrastructure, and regulation. This expertise allows us to offer first-rate services to any business involved with water. We can advise on water projects, water rights issues, and transactions, and represent clients in front of regulatory bodies and in litigation.

Notable Experience:

  • Legal support to a client in preparation and realization of a significant water infrastructure project in the City of Prague. The budget for the project exceeds 5 billion Czech crowns. This is one of the most significant infrastructure projects to be realized in Prague.
  • Advised on a joint venture between the City of Brno and a French investor in connection with the construction of a water treatment facility and other water distribution infrastructure that the EBRD had agreed to finance.
  • Afterwards, assisted the waste water treatment company BVK a.s. in connection with structuring the relationship between shareholders, the Municipality of Brno and the investor.
  • Successfully represented a Czech mineral water company in the administrative proceedings concerning the removal of buildings on its water source.