The energy industry has perhaps been under more scrutiny than any other in the past decade. With an ever-increasing global demand for energy coupled with the need to reduce the environmental impact of energy production, the world is indeed at a crossroads. In our region, there is both a reliance on coal and nuclear power, and the beginnings of a move towards renewable energy. Despite the continued development of traditional energy, there has been investment in geo-thermal, wind, hydro-electric and especially solar energy production. Looking to the future without disrupting economic growth requires a fine balance, one that many businesses and investors are trying to strike today.

At PRK Partners, we know that the energy sector presents both significant challenges, and major opportunities for businesses and investors. We specialise in offering comprehensive legal advice on all matters related to alternative energy sources. We have worked to finance wind and photovoltaic power plant projects, and done assessments on the influence of building plans on public health and the environment. We advise energy sector clients in the areas of dispute resolution , corporate transactions , financing and restructuring and insolvency . We also help businesses comply with environmental and competition regulations.

Notable Experience:

  • Advised the notable energy trader Korlea Invest Holding on its acquisition of a Polish energy trader
  • Represented Dalkia during the company’s negotiations and subsequent acquisition deal with ČEZ, the largest electricity producer in the Czech Republic – In the deal, ČEZ gained a 15% stake in Dalkia Czech Republic and an 85% stake in Dalkia Ústí nad Labem.
  • Acted as Czech Counsel to the power plant design and construction company AE&E and Linklaters in connection with a guarantee facility agreement
  • Advised a consortium of international banks on the Euro market financing of Transgas
  • Negotiated a stand-still agreement with banks and other creditors on behalf of an electricity trader in order to restructure and secure debt after a market disruption on the energy exchange
  • Provided advice to New World Resources (NWR) on the incorporation of Green Gas International B.V., a joint venture company focused on climate change mitigation through the elimination of methane and the production of green energy
  • Advice to domestic and international banks in financing solar power plants and wind power plants, as well as biomass power plants
  • Advisory to one of the largest Czech investors in the field of electricity production from photovoltaic sources.