Company Formation and Corporate Governance

PRK Partners is a leader in facilitating smooth creation of companies of all legal forms, and we are up-to-date in our understanding of corporate governance practices. We regularly advise personal companies and large corporations in the management of their day-to-day operations.

Greater emphasis has been put on corporate governance in the last half decade since the introduction of the EU’s action plan on “Modernising Company Law and Enhancing Corporate Governance in the European Union.” The plan describes the need for companies to be soundly managed in order to compete domestically and/or internationally. Companies with solid corporate governance records are always a step ahead of their counterparts.

At PRK Partners, we know how to help companies manage capital fluctuations, carry out corporate housekeeping, draft shareholders’ agreements, complete regulatory filings and reporting, and organising shareholders’ general meetings, management board meetings and supervisory board meetings. Our knowledgeable professionals keep our clients up-to-date with best-practices and ensure compliance with new and changing laws.

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