Compliance Programme

As technology advances, new opportunities emerge – along with new risks. This, in turn, increases the amount of new legislation that all existing and new companies have to keep up with. The Compliance Programme helps create or enhance systematic protections against the legal and regulatory risks related to your business – beyond the area of  primary specialisation of your company. Last, but not least, the Compliance Programme gradually becomes the last line of defence in cases where a legal person’s liability is assumed, and the only way to avoid sanctions, the threat of harm to reputation and other adverse effects is to prove that the company has adopted all foreseeable preventive measures.

The purpose of the Compliance Programme is to create a fortified shield to protect areas where the greatest risks are:

  • civil liability for inefficient management and improper supervision of the various interests of all concerned;
  • sanctions imposed by regulators and the risk to reputation for misconduct or for violating applicable law; and possibly
  • criminal liability of a legal person or its individual employees or bodies.

At PRK we put great emphasis on delivering value-added services to you as our client and on tailoring our services to your specific needs and established procedures. We don’t just deliver a ready-made solution, which must then be adapted to your environment; rather, once we get to know your environment we’ll propose a solution that does not restrict your core business activities above what is absolutely necessary. PRK’s Compliance Programme offers a tailor-made system of modules for identifying and managing the key legal and regulatory risks associated with the activities of the entrepreneur or his business. The Compliance Programme can provide a simple and transparent tool for cost- and time-effective, safe and systematic solutions to legal and other risks related to running a business. The uniqueness of PRK’s solutions is that, in addition to our legal expertise, we can leverage our knowledge of the various industry sectors and are able to start delivering solutions at any stage of a new law’s implementation process.

Thanks to PRK’s wide-ranging legal expertise, in addition the Compliance Programme, the team can also offer prompt legal advice and representation in administrative proceedings, in the following areas in particular:

  • Banking and finance (including CRD, MiFID / MiFIR, AML, PSD2, MAD/MAR,UCITS, AIFMD)
  • Insurance (Solvency, IDD)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Data protection (GDPR, NIS)
  • Automotive, logistics, air transport (including new emerging trends in automation and robotisation in passenger and goods transport)
  • Competition law
  • Corporate governance (including identifying and managing conflicts of interest)
  • Ethical and anti-corruption standards
  • Criminal liability of legal persons (in cooperation with the law firm Gřivna & Šmerda)
  • Tax regulations

PRK offers a fully customisable Compliance Programme in the following modules:

  • Monitoring new key legislation in the agreed scope, including a general outline of potential threats and opportunities generated by the main legislative changes, and a forecast of the sections/units that will need to be included in the implementation project;
  • A gap analysis of legislation already in force or of upcoming legislative changes affecting your enterprise (including identifying those processes and products which will be affected by the changes);
  • Legal and interpretive support for project implementation, or project management as it relates to the Compliance Programme;
  • Independent regular or random checking on the implementation of adopted measures, including issuing recommendations in the final report;
  • Defining and setting up control mechanisms for early warning of process failures;
  • Representation in licensing and other administrative and legal proceedings related to the Compliance Programme.