Regulatory Matters


PRK Partners has renowned experts in the field of bank regulation. The main point of our services in this area is providing legal advice to our clients in ensuring the compliance of their key projects with regulatory requirements. Such projects include especially the establishment of new banks, mergers of banks (including cross-border mergers) as well as complex restructurings of financial groups compromising several banks, insurance companies, constructions savings banks, or sale of a part of the business enterprise of a financial institution. In relation to these projects, we may act as advisers to banks and also represent them in administrative proceedings before the banking regulatory authority, including complex advice in obtaining a banking licence.

Aside from this, we also provide our clients first class services also in resolving their day-to-day business, whether elaborating legal analyses regarding specific issues raised by the client regarding administrative bank regulation and construction savings banks, or advisory and representation in case of reviews performed by the regulatory authority.


The professionals at PRK Partners are prepared to provide insurance companies, re-insurance companies and other entities active on the market for insurance, re-insurance and related services, complex advice regarding regulation in their respective fields. PRK Partners advised on transfers of insurance stock in the Czech Republic, and also in cross-border sales of business enterprises or cross-border transfers of insurance products. With regard to the scope of our expertise in this area, we can offer our clients professional advice, as well as representation vis-a-vis the regulatory authority, as well as complex advice in obtaining the relevant licences.

A natural part our service is providing advisory in resolving typical situations in insurance, re-insurance and related areas, including the preparation of legal analyses of our client's queries in the area of regulation, or representation in negotiations with the regulatory authority.

Securities Dealers

The lawyers of PRK Partners provide services to Czech and foreign securities dealers in relation to their activities on the Czech capital market. We provide clients top quality advice especially on regulatory matters (including the implementation of European and domestic legal regulations into standard documentation used by the brokers during the provision of their services), primary placement and secondary trading of securities on public markets or aside from such markets, settlement of transactions with investment instruments, registration of investments instruments and cross-border activities of foreign entities in the Czech Republic. We have a wide range of experience with bond and share issues and their placement on Czech and foreign markets.

Investment Firms and Mutual Funds

We also provide a broad range of advisory to undertakings in collective investment,, whether domestic investment firms and management companies, or foreign entities offering collective investment securities in the Czech Republic. Our services in this area include the establishment of domestic entities for collective investment including obtaining a licence from the Czech National Bank, notification and/or registration of foreign undertakings for collective investment when offering their securities in the Czech Republic, resolving regulatory issues and relations between funds, asset managers, and depositories.

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