Advice provided by PRK Partners in the area of insurance encompasses a wide range of different areas of the Czech insurance market, as well as international aspects of insurance, prepared according to exactly meet the strict requirements of our clients, on the basis of the long-term wide-ranged experience of our top professional in this field, in coherence with the relevant regulators.

Handling Insured events with the Insured and with Reinsurance Companies

Our practice includes advisory in handling insured events with the insured parties and including crossovers into different fields, such as bankruptcy law. We also advise insurance companies in their relation to their re-insurance companies and resolving re-insured events, including cross-border advice. We also offer services in the area of negotiations and resolving problems with insurance mediators. The assistance we are able to provide our clients is not limited only to elaborating detailed legal analyses on problematic legal issues, but we are able to provide assistance and all-round support in negotiations, and representation in judicial or other proceedings and in settling disputes.

Acquisitions of Insurance Business and Insurance Companies

We further provide advice to important players on the Czech and international market in relation to transfers of insurance business or demutualization of foreign insurance companies or transfers (including cross-border transactions) of selected insurance products in one group, including international transactions. We also monitor their consequences within the Czech legal environment as well as other related issues.

Structuring insurance products, Preparation of contracts with distribution networks and re-insurance companies and other contract law matters

Aside from the above, we are able to offer our expertise and experience to clients who wish to introduce new insurance products to the Czech or Slovak markets. In this respect we assist our clients during the entire process from advice in structuring products, elaborating analyses regarding the theoretical assessment of new products, up to, among other, evaluating aspects of consumer protection, protection of personal data, anti money laundering aspects, representing the client in the related registration procedures, up to establishing relations with elected insurance intermediaries, including the preparation of agreements with distribution networks and other contract law matters.

International alliance membership