Corporate Social Responsibility

A Duty to Give Back

At PRK Partners, we know that we have a responsibility to the community in which we live and do business. Our firm is dedicated to achieving real results through all of our philanthropic activities. We use a three-pronged approach in our CR strategy, focusing on pro bono work, charitable donations and sponsorship.

Pro Bono – Offering our Expertise to Worthy Causes

PRK Partners continues to uphold its tradition of delivering first-rate legal services to refugees, charities, victims of accidents and discrimination, the homeless, and other worthy causes. Because helping the disadvantaged by offering our work at no cost is so important to our firm, we employ a pro bono coordinator. This allows us to better identify cases to lend our support to, and to coordinate how to effectively give our assistance to those in need.

One of our most notable pro bono projects is the ongoing organization of the fund-raising effort dubbed “campaign for Phi Phi”. PRK Partners has helped to restore normal life on Phi Phi and other islands in Thailand after the devastating tsunami hit the region.

Charitable Donations – Funding Stronger Communities

In addition to donating our work, PRK Partners is committed to making financial donations to commendable causes. We contribute to children’s charities, guide-dog training to assist the blind, non-profit publishing houses, and foundations that promote and foster investigative journalism. One of the charities we focus on is the Tereza Maxova Dětem Foundation, a children’s charity that works to support abandoned and disadvantaged children. Click here for more information about the organization.

Sponsorship – Supporting the Arts in Our Region

PRK Partners understands the need to support the arts, and continues taking great strides to promote young and local artists. We sponsor many exhibits and publications which feature these artists, and continue to support them by acquiring their works. Our Prague office regularly hold exhibitions of contemporary art. We invite you to visit our on-line gallery to see some of the featured work. We would be delighted to forward along any queries you may have to the appropriate artist.

Supporting the Randa Foundation

As of its establishment PRK Partners is the main sponsor of the Randa Foundation Award for the best thesis in business law or related areas at the Charles University in Prague. We are very proud to reward excellent law students and to support not only their personal development, but also education in this area.

The Randa Foundation, with the support of PRK Partners, has already announced the 7th annual prize for an excellent thesis. You can find more information here.


PRK Partners contributed significant funds towards the preservation of the library of the Law Faculty of the Charles University, which was severely damaged during the floods in 2002. We have also donated to the charity Maltese Help.


In 2011 we received 2 nominations in the competition TOP Responsible Firm of the Year for our charitable activities. We came second in the European CSR Award Competition in 2013 nad we also were in the Finals in the competition TOP Responsible Firm of the Year in 2013 and 2014.