Public Procurement

The advice to clients provided by PRK Partners relation to public procurement, including the preparation of tender and contractual documentation, assistance in opening envelopes with offers, assessing and evaluating received offers. We represent clients ordering tenders in dealing with objections and in related proceedings before state agencies and courts. In this relation we also place our focus on the risks arising from acting in breach with public procurement laws from a criminal law viewpoint. PRK Partners also prepares legal analyses for organizers of both public and sector tenders regarding the Act on Public Procurement, including on the applicability of exceptions from the otherwise strict legal requirements for compliance.

PRK Partners advises not only organizers of tenders, but also applicants for public contracts. We may offer our clients who apply for state contracts our services in all phases of public tenders, from the preparation and submission of the offer, participating in the envelope-opening procedure and further in filing objections and initiating review by the relevant state authority, as well as filing actions to court.