Restructuring, Reorganisation

PRK Partners assists not only with private restructuring, but also with reorganization in insolvency proceedings. The practical experience of the specialists of PRK Partners gained in corporate acquisitions entails services in the area of corporate restructuring and other forms of optimizing corporate processes. Our firm assists with preparing plans and restructuring alternatives, whether by amending current agreements and relations, or optimizing asset and corporate structure. We not only prepare strategy, but also assist with its implementation, negotiate with creditors and other business partners, including cooperation with state authorities where needed.

Further, in relation to insolvency proceedings, we assist in the implementation of another form of corporate restructuring – reorganization. In the midst of reorganization, our specialists not only prepare a pre-pack reorganization plan, but also aid its effectuation in the proceedings. In such cases, our services typically include assistance to the debtor in managing the entire reorganization process, securing the rights of creditors in creditors meetings, and in approving the reorganization plan. PRK Partners offers complex services in all types of restructuring, which will lead to concrete and optimized solutions, for bankrupt debtors or settling creditors.