Administrative Law

Another important area of procedural law, in which PRK Partners provides legal services, is administrative law. With governmental agencies regulating nearly all commercial activity, administrative law has become an especially important field. The collision of private and public law and the methods of regulating and resolving legal problems arising therefrom may often bring practical problems.

This applies not only to situations when a dispute arises over the question whether administrative proceedings are to be held, and whether the concerned parties have certain procedural rights, but also cases where the general rules governing administrative proceedings are not applicable on their own, but along with a multitude of exceptions arising under various specific legal regulations. Such exceptions are habitually contained in specific procedural provisions, contained in other regulations of administrative law.

PRK Partners has been recognized for its proficiency in handling administrative and regulatory law matters. We represent corporate clients in front of a variety of tribunals, boards, and commissions to help with anything from licensing to contesting the imposition of new regulations.